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June 19, 2011
This time it's taken me three months to update this site! Again, I've been blogging almost daily so that's where my most recent exploits and adventures (and opinions and musing) can be found! Over the past few months I've been working random gigs, going to a bunch of burner bashes and generally enjoying life in NYC. I was clipboard queen and photographer wrangler at Night of a Thousand Stevies and the results showed up in the centerfold of The New York Times Sunday Magazine. I worked my ass off on the Figment signs with an awesome crew! Pix of them (the crew AND the signs) can be found on my Facebook page. And just this past week I had an awesome photo shoot with Alex Colby, the results of which will be linked here very soon. And I'll be off soon to manage the DPW Sign Shop for Burning Man again, followed by Playa Restoration. So far summer has been spectacular!

March 21, 2011
Wow, oddly it's been exactly two months since I last updated this site. I've been attempting to plug away on my blog and just today began the back-blogging necessary to share tales of my trip to Tanzania. Stay tuned for the whole story and, ideally the subsequent back-blogging about both Alaska and New Orleans!

In other news, my sister is helping me to hold onto my apartment, I've been hosting singles' parties in my apartment (there's one tonight, as a matter of fact!) and I've volunteered to run signage for Figment. It's looking like I'll be running the Sign Shop again for Burning Man, since nothing's come along to prevent me from it...sadly. The singles' things were supposed to become a business but I'm afraid I simply don't have the requisite enthusiasm necessary to keep producing events of any kind. I may not be ready to say it yet, but I have a feeling I'm about to permanently retire from promoting. Perhaps if I create such an enormous void in my life I will open up a big enough space for something -- anything! -- to take its place!

Soooo, I guess we'll see!

January 21, 2011
I suppose it's kinda late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've been neglecting my little web site world in lieu of work on my Bloggedy Blog. Check it out if you want to keep up with me on an almost obsessively day-to-day basis! You'll find all my news there, along with other musings....Which makes this a sort of static display, an archive of sorts...

I was in San Francisco for Christmas, back in NYC for New Year's Eve, and then back to The Bay to help my sister move. I'm leaving in 10 days for Alaska and in February I head back west to go on safari in Africa with my mom and aunt. That should be an adventure! Almost immediately upon my return from Africa, in fact with probably only enough time to do a load of laundry, I leave California for Mardi Gras in New Orleans! I'll be back in NYC again on March 10, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. And who knows what the spring will bring!

November 10, 2010
Wow! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Settling back into Manhattan, trying to find work (and scrambling with freelance gigs), writing my new blog and having some of that content published on NearSay.com, parties and pink drinks, happy hours and Halloween! Whew! Now I'm gearing up for two events, one a sort of "singles' mixer" and a social experiment, the other a big bash on Thanksgiving Eve.

October 27, 2010
I know, it has been forever since I've updated this web site! My apologies. Here I am, finally. I lost my gig with CarnalNation.com just a few days after I got to Nevada to start my work with Burning Man's Department of Public Works. I enjoyed the process of setting up and running the Sign Shop but the event itself, not so much. After the event I was a "scribe" for Playa Restoration for the second year. It was also a bit trying for me... I was supposed to finish that up and almost immediately fly to Africa to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday. But due to some less than pleasant family circumstances, that trip has been postponed. I wound up spending a very brief four days in the Bay Area before flying back to New York City, where I've been running around like a crazy person, fostering a neurotic rescue dog, catching up with friends, internet dating, trying to find work...and basically losing my mind.

Speaking of which, I've also just started a blog. Yes, I finally caved. It seems that you aren't a writer unless you're blogging...Click here for my "unique" attempt at extreme navel gazing: www.editrixabby.wordpress.com. I'm sure my slide into insanity will make riveting reading!

You can contact me by emailing editrixabby (at) gmail dot com. You can find me on Facebook. Or catch my encapsulated, 140-character updates on Twitter.

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Past Updates:

July 19, 2010
Triple yipes! I haven't updated this damn page since April and it's now past mid-July! I've been in New York, trying to get a feel for whether or not it feels like home. The past few years have been so chaotic, being semi-homeless and a bit of a vagabond. That hasn't changed recently, but I'm hoping it will soon. I just spent three weeks with family in North Carolina, oceanfront and beach-iful, and now I'm back in the Bay Area to catch up on office stuff at CarnalNation.com, see some friends and get packed up for a couple of months in the desert. I leave in just a few days for Nevada and Burning Man's Department of Public Works, where it's my second year as manager of the Sign Shop. After the event I'll be working Playa Restoration again. And when the whole shebang wraps up I'll have 24 hours to get back to Marin, do a load of laundry and fly to Africa. Yes, Africa! My sister is taking my mom on safari for her 75th birthday and I get to go too! Yay for rich relations! So for whatever reason I've been unable to update here from my laptop so you probably won't be seeing another update here until October. But you can always find me on Facebook!

April 2010
Yipes! The Vernal Equinox has come and gone! I've been insanely busy! Still more work for CarnalNation.com, including helping them with their anniversary bash. Went to Coachella to help my friend Robert with his Skyline balloon project. On my way to Gerlach tomorrow for a DPW Manager's Work Weekend. And next weekend I'm off to LA again for the Mad Mad May Day Burner Bazaar, where I'll be selling my chapeaux and jewelry, along with my Etsy Black Rock City Crew friends! If you're in the LA/San Pedro area, come by and see us! Lastly in the insanity shuffle is my new art project for Burning Man. I don't have a name for it yet but I'll be writing about it here, so keep checking back. So far I've only had a meeting with a friend who will be helping me with the physics and engineering of the project. Read all about it here. And on May 4 I fly back to New York. Stay tuned!

March 2010
Wow! It was just January a moment ago. Since then, I've done loads more work for CarnalNation.com, reported on more businesses for Patch.com, volunteered as The Queen of HeARTs at a Black Rock Arts Foundation fundraiser, and made more hats for my Etsy shop, Abby's Chapeaux. I went back to Manhattan for a month and it felt like I spent most of my time scrubbing floors...but I did get to GlamTech, a few Burning Man Happy Hours, The Baroness's Fetish Retinue, had pink drinks at Sidewalk and spent time with friends! Now it's almost April and there's all kinds of excitement coming up for me: I'll be helping my friend Rob with his art project at Coachella, producing an event for Carnal Nation, attending a DPW Managers' Work Weekend on the Burning Man work ranch, and driving down to LA for a big trunk show with my Etsy Black Rock City Crew cronies! That happens on May 1 and it will be a MAD MAD MAY DAY: a burner bazaar. Come and visit if you're in the area!

January 2010
It's 2010! How the hell did THAT happen? Well, I hope your year is going as swimmingly as MINE is! I've managed to find not just one but TWO jobs! I'm an Editor for and contributor  to CarnalNation.com. Huzzah to mastubating for money again! And I'm one of an apparent army of writers compiling listings for Patch.com. We've been assigned Danville and San Ramon, CA. Hrmmmm.... Plus I've been making fancy chapeaux as a side business. You can see them on my Etsy page here. It's all got me feeling busy and creative. Yay! I'm still in San Rafael, commuting into San Francisco and wondering when I'll get back to Manhattan. Stay tuned for updates!

December 22, 2009
Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!
I'm back in Marin for time with family after a full two months in Manhattan! I can safely say that "New York is where I'd rahhhtha stay!" So I'll do the holiday thing here for a bit and then fly back for winter in THE city! Now, the question is, where to spend New Year's Eve? I don't think I can stomach another tired party. For some reason it seems that I am "over" parties. While in NY I hosted a mash-up of Mondo Porno, Kitsch Inn and Gomorrah, which was okay...but the few festivities I made it out to were disappointing. Not due to anything I can put a finger on and I certainly am not blaming any producers or promoters. I think it's become more of a lifestyle thing. I would just prefer to entertain close friends in smaller gatherings. I had people over quite a bit, now that "my" apartment is cleaner and more spacious! Hopefully there will be more of THAT in the future! For now, I'll point you to my Facebook page and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!   

November, 2009
In response to your requests for another Editrix Abby bash, I've whipped up a hilarious night of fun!

Wednesday, November 25
Thanksgiving Eve Family Reunion

Thanksgiving is a time for family, right? I've been producing events for ages and I decided it's time for a nightlife reunion with my family of choice!

The evening starts at 6:00pm with the weekly Asylum Village Happy Hour, an opportunity to connect with fellow “burners.” DJs Mic Rage and Douggie Style tag team on the turntables during your bargain drinking hours.

At 9:00 the burners will be joined by the Gomorrah family reunion, with Die J! Mars serving up the goth/industrial soundtrack. The Baroness will preside over the main lounge while you chat up Mistress Evita (?!?), Madame Cole de Sade, Mistress Syren, Editrix Abby and The Foot Man. Plus autumnal inflatable décor by Joe of J-Party.

Downstairs in the basement, raunchy rock bands Yes Mister Bloodvessel, Hate in the Box, and Providence, RI's You Scream I Scream and official Mondo Porno headliners Erocktica (formerly Porn Rock) will be joined by other special guests for live music all night long. Between the bands, bawdy burlesque newcomers Betty Bookless and Agave Nectar will twirl their tassels for you, St. Eve performs a  sneak peek into her “Sex Crimes” show, Mistress Evita presents a special surprise guest, poet and rap sensation POETIX and Editrix Abby tosses out FREE PORN! Some lucky ladies will also receive free pocket rocket vibrators courtesy of Adam & Eve. PLUS we'll be celebrating Dre's 30-10th birthday!

And to complete the meeting of all the families, get ready to hear your glam/pop favorites by Kitsch Inn DJ Michael T. from 11 til 1! Die J! Mars will take over from there, spinning an entertaining blend of goth/glam/pop and more til 4! Then you can join the die hards for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Mondo Gomorrah Kitsch!
Wednesday, November 25
Fat Baby
112 Rivington Street (between Essex & Eldridge)
Doors at 6pm for Asylum Happy Hour
Doors at 9pm for Mondo Porno/Gomorrah/Kitsch Inn - $10
Bands at 10pm

Yes, it has been MONTHS!
I got back into NYC in October just in time for the NYC Burning Man Decompression. I brought the MOOP Map, the map of Black Rock City that the Playa Restoration crew fills in. This year I was a "scribe," which meant I was taking notes while we were cleaning up. It was also my first year as Manager of the Sign Shop, which was awesome! You can see my pix on my Facebook page.  Halloween was equally amazing, if a bit soggy. I did the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and then hit SMack! Now what, you ask?

June 22
Sweet Jeeeebus!
I just wrapped up 10 exhausting nights in NYC. I made it to Figment on Governors Island, Gotham Girls Roller Derby to see Manhattan Mayhem battle The Queens of Pain, Sunday night's OBJECTify (which was the unofficial Figment afterparty), the annual Burning Man Meet & Greet, saw my DPW pals in That Damned Band at The Knitting Factory, Disorient's GlamTech fundraiser (after many Pink Drinks at Sidewalk) and The Mermaid Parade. In between it was subways and soggy strolls and meeting people for coffee or bagels or beers. I am SPENT!
Now I'm down in beautiful Nags Head, NC for a week of rest, relaxation and some serious drying out! (Both literally and figuratively...)
In 10 days I trek up to Nevada for 4th of JuPlaya and then start workin' for The Man. I'll be up there from July 2 through early October managing the DPW Sign Shop for Burning Man!

May 28
Whoa! I am back in CA after a whirlwind of NYC parties and Flipside in Austin. I am still recovering from the past birthday celebrations and bracing myself for more! I have many pix to upload so stay tuned.

May 4
Yipes! I can't believe it's already MAY! A whole month of birthday celebrations!
I just wrapped up the first DPW Work Weekend in Gerlach. Lots of sawing, sanding and painting! Now I'm off to NYC for some parties!
Here is my schedule for the upcoming months:
May 5-20 - NYC
May 20-26 - Austin, TX for Flipside!
May 26-June 3 - SF/Marin
June 4-9 - Gerlach, NV for more Sign Shop work (approx.)
June 10-23 - NYC (approx.)
June 23- July 2 - Nags Head, NC (approx.)
July 2-October - DPW & Burning Man!

April 18
NYC was, as usual, a whirlwind of activity! I didn't have a moment's rest! One week simply isn't enough time to do/see everyone/thing!
Wednesday night I hit the weekly Burning Man Happy Hour at Black & White.
Thursday I had beers with Ruth and Kaspur, met with my OBJECTify partners and then trundled over to Suspension with Nick.
Friday I hung out with a couple of my DPW girlfriends and then Cinemagirl and I got ready together for our nuptials at Winkel & Balktick's Wedding.
I spent Saturday preparing for Sunday's party, buying egg beaters and whatnot!
Sunday I had Easter Brunch with Marianne and her extended family before Lynne came over to help me prep for OBJECTify. It was a long wild night of fashion shows, whisks and visual stimulation.
Whew! I'll be posting pix soon.

March 19
Whoa! I just spent the last six weeks being a...wait for it...baby nanny! Not the job you'd expect from me, eh? It was an experience AND an adventure! But it was also a 24/7 arrangement that didn't leave me much time for...anything else!

Well I'm back and ready to update and recreate!

January 20
Happy New President! It was a pretty exhilirating day, full of hope for the future! Or at least a change. Cheers to change! And website updates!

Bear with me as I battle my technical incompetence and try to relink the hundreds of pages that comprise EditrixAbby.com. I've already uploaded my articles for ErosZine from 2008, 2007 and 2006 (with more to come), some random articles and product reviews, plus my Panty Play, Desire and Leg Sex columns. I've also put up a few photo galleries. There will be more soon, so keep checking back!

January 13
I'm back from Vegas and glad I went. It wasn't the non-stop insanity it used to be, or at least I didn't indulge in the same sort of insanity as I once did! But it was great to get to Velocity's wedding. I finally got to the Vegas Double Down Saloon. I enjoyed hangin' with Vera in her booth [ ForYourNymphomation ] and I got to meet all kinds of interesting new people! I especially enjoyed meeting Jenny Block. Plus I hung out with the crews from OhMiBod and NJoy at an intimate soiree set up by the sexy Regina Lynn.